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Selective Demolition

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Preparing a structure for Selective Demolition

Selective Demolition

We provide selective demolition and interior demolition services to prepare structures for reconstruction. Our selective demolition services are invaluable to clients who want to demolish a building or structure that is attached to a building or structure they wish to keep. Examples of Selective Demolition include:

  • Dismantlement and removal of unwanted warehouse sections
  • Removal of penthouses
  • Chimney or stack demolition
  • Silo demolition
  • Air handling system or dust collection system removals
  • Selective dismantlement of obsolete structures


    If you are searching for a company to complete or aid you in your selective demolition project, Fleck Contracting Ltd. Is committed and professional. Give us a call for a free estimate; you won't be disappointed. We service all of Vancouver and its surrounding areas and believe that no job is too big or too small. We are fully licensed and insured. We will make sure to treat your selective demolition project with the utmost care, while maintaining the integrity of the environmental requirements and help in earning points for LEED. Fleck Contracting Ltd. is a dedicated contracting group which stresses the importance of maintain professional and quality services, while staying effective and efficient.

    Whether you are planning a new home, renovation or large commercial project, we are committed to delivering quality service on schedule and at a competitive price. We at Fleck Contracting have the resources and experience to make Demolition, Deconstruction, and Environmental projects as stress free as possible for people living in Vancouver, BC. Choosing the wrong environmental contracting company can lead to major problems down the road; we believe that a successful Demolition, Deconstruction, or Environmental project leads to happy clients, and if our clients are happy, we’re happy! We at Fleck Contracting would love to work with you and ensure that your environmental projects are handled with proficiency in an efficient manner. Click here to contact us, or give us a call at (604) 266-2120. Schedule an appointment for your free consultation (a $997 value) today!

    We proudly Serve the Following areas: Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Ladner, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Squamish, Surrey, Whistler, and their surrounding areas.

    The Residential Demolition Process in Six Easy Steps!

    Before we can start, we need a hazmat report, without a hazmat report, Fleck Contracting LTD. can’t send out an estimator to your location to give a definite price of the deconstruction/demolition.
    We highly encourage you to contact your local municipality to learn what permits will be needed for your project. Each project and location is different and every municipality requires different permits before a project can be started.
    Email with the hazmat report attached, then we can Google earth the accessibility and exact location of the house. Once we have the hazmat report Fleck Contract LTD. will arrange for one of our friendly estimators to arrange a site visit with our abatement contractors to get the very best estimate for the hazardous removal and the price of the deconstruction/demolition as well. This will generally take a few days to put the pricing together.
    Our friendly estimator will provide you with a quote that outlines what work will be completed and provide an estimate (our estimates are always very competitive!) From there you can obtain your permits from the city, have all your various services disconnected and move to the next and most exciting step!
    Work can begin. Once all the hazmat has been extracted from the site, Fleck Contracting LTD. will dispatch our crew to complete any hand work & then bring in the heavy equipment for the substantial demolition/deconstruction. Generally, if there are no unforeseen delays, we will have the job finished with a week.
    Fleck Contracting LTD. will sort out the material from the project at the time of deconstruction/demolition on site and remove to the waste to the assorted facilities for landfill and recycling.

    Demolition FAQ's

    A Hazmat report is required by Work Safe BC regulation before any demolition/deconstruction can begin. It's a report that shows Fleck Contracting LTD. what different hazardous materials my be contained on the site before deconstruction. The hazmat report will provide an overall assessment of the project, taking samples of suspect materials that may contain hazardous waste that MUST be removed prior to initiation of demolition/deconstruction. The average cost of a hazmat report could be as low as $500.00 and upwards. This depends on the size and age of the house or building.
    Unfortunately, in the demolition/deconstruction industry, it’s very difficult to give a average price on how much a project will cost. Prices can vary depending on the size of the job, the material involved and results of HAZMAT testing, salvage necessary etc. What we suggest is to send an email to with a description of the project (and some pictures if possible) and the hazmat report and one of our estimators will be in touch.
    Once the hazmat has been removed, we can generally take down a house within a couple of days.
    We separate all the waste out into bins where it is taken to recycling dumps where possible. Fleck Contracting LTD. makes every effort to keep whatever we can out of the landfill but unfortunately, sometimes it's unavoidable.
    • These guys are the best.  Always ready to get the job done.  I have used Chris, Pat and theirs guys on several occasions to haul away construction material from my yard.  They are always on time, friendly, and their prices can't be beat.  I will always call them for all my hauling needs!
      Jim H.
    • Fleck Contracting was great to work with, really friendly, honest people.  We contacted them to remove our chimney. They came out very quickly to provide a bid to my husband and the price was great.  They were able to remove the chimney that weekend.  The team came early on a Saturday and got to work immediately.  It was really tough work, and took them several hours to remove everything.  They worked really hard, had great attitudes.
      Samantha Q.
    • Overall, Fleck Contracting was fantastic to work with!  Very pleasant, reliable and gave incredible service. I was so thankful to find such a quality contractor! I cannot recommend them high enough and will hire them again.
      Lawrence S.
    • Chris and his crew arrived on time and were incredibly professional and knowledgeable - exactly what you hope for when hiring a contractor to come into your home. He kept me updated on progress throughout the day, finished on time, and made sure to clean up.
      Jamie F.